2 Proven Prospecting Tips

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Prospecting is a key element in building a successful business.

Whether you choose to build your business online or offline you need to do some form of prospecting.

Regardless of what business you are running, whether it’s a traditional brick and mortar business or a home business – you need to prospect.

In this video below I share with you 2 awesome prospecting tips that I learnt from the man Ray Higdon himself.

Here Is How The Top Earners Prospect Effortlessly 

Below are my notes from the 2 prospecting tips that I’ve learnt.

Prospecting Tip #1 – Work Events

  • This is not you putting on events, this is you working events.
  • Use meetup.com to look for events that are within your area.
  • Events can consist of boat shows, car shows or fitness shows.
  • Pick 2 per week and work these events.
  • Find good networking events and get as many business cards as possible without introducing what you do.
  • This is an offline tactics and requires you to hustle – it works
  • If you want to become successful in your business, at some point you will need to do physical events and prospecting locally allows you to bring these people to physical events.
  • A physical event is where it’s at. People sell more products and sign up more people at events.
  • Ask them questions and find out more information about them – but grab their business card or mobile phone.
  • Call them the next day and find out more info about their business.
  • Ask them how they are generating leads for their business?
  • If they say they aren’t then ask them if they would like to learn how to generate leads online for their business.
  • If they are ask them if they’re getting any luck, if not then once again, ask them if they would like to learn how to do it properly.

Prospecting Tip # 2 – Host a Free Seminar/Webinar

  • Do a free seminar/ webinar that provides value to your target audience.
  • Might be on lead generation tactics for Facebook or something that you’ve recently learnt.
  • Your target audience might be small business owners or home business owners
  • Make sure you market this seminar/webinar and get people to attend.
  • Give them some tips and content – don’t pitch your primary business.
  • Before the seminar/webinar pass out a piece of paper or if you’re online, get them to comment in the webinar comment box.
  • Ask them what’s your # 1 question or problem with online marketing.
  • Hold onto these questions as they are valuable. Why? Because marketing is about problem solving. It’s about going into the heads of your prospects and giving them what they want to know.
  • What is their problem, what is their pain.
  • Sometime during the break of the seminar or webinar, you want to review those questions and answers to those problems and then you do this…
  • At the end of your free seminar or free webinar, you pitch your second webinar/seminar.
  • Ask them if they got a lot out of this seminar or webinar?
  • Did you get a lot of content did you learn a lot of things?
  • You go well guess what, in 14 days I will be doing a second seminar/webinar… this is totally free for those in this audience if you do THIS!
  • 1st option – give me a video testimonial on how much this webinar/seminar has helped you.
  • 2nd option – bring +1 to the next seminar/webinar and I will send you the link to my next seminar/webinar for free.


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