3 Reasons Why Blogging Will Boost Your Business!

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Building your business especially online is not an easy task.

You can put hundreds of hours of work into your business, but if you don’t have the right tools in place, building your business can be quite difficult.

Business owners are now realizing that blogging plays a massive role to building your brand online. It also helps you generate leads.

Blogs have been typically seen as a personal place to express yourself and your views.

The truth is blogs are very effective – if done right and can be a place where you can reach out to people about your business and products.

Now if you don’t have a blog set up just yet, that’s ok – you can use this trick that I’m about to share with you below.

But before I do that, you can watch my 3 reasons here.

Do You Need More Leads For Home Business Blog?

The best bet is find blogs that are in your niche and post valuable content helping people solve a problem linking back to your Facebook fan page.

This allows people to contact and connect with you.

It is so important to build an audience when building your business – the bigger your audience, the bigger your business.

Check out my 3 reason why it’s so important to building an audience.

You can also add your capture page to the content that you posted on blogs – allowing you to capture leads.

However below are my 3 reason why blogging will boost business and why I recommend you having one.

  1. Quick Name Recognition

The fastest way to build your brand and business is to provide valuable content – content that gets shared and goes viral on social media.

And the best way to do that is to have a blog and share your content to various social media platforms.

When you have a blog, it is branded to you and people will look at you as an authority – a person who specialises that particular field.

This will allow anyone who needs help in that particular field to reach out to you and seek for help.

When people land on your blog, they will snoop around and look for more information on what you do – which is what you want.

This is no different when someone comes to your house.

People will snoop around and see what furniture, fridge, tv or computer you have.

You blog is your home in the online world.

As you start to build your brand, people will recgonise your face and what you do and when the time is right, they will reach out to you for help – as they see you as an authority in that particular niche.

Having a blog in place allows you to share your link around – especially if you’ve created a blog post that provides value.

The benefit of this is that there is a possibility that your content will go viral on social media – if people love your content.

When people find value in that post, they will snoop around as mentioned previously and potentially buy any products or services that you have available on your blog.

  1. Consumer Testimonies

One of the benefits in having your own blog is that you can share results of your students, customers or clients.

As people snoop around your blog, they see social proof and when they are exposed to social proof it increases the chance of a sale.

We humans like to see proof that it works before we invest in it.

So as you add more testimonials to your blog, you can share your client’s results through social media and get more exposure and increasing your brand – getting more visitors to your blog.

  1. Building Relationships

A great way to connect and build relationships is with other businesses that also have blogs.

You can cross market and place banner ads on each other’s blog.

I would only recommend this if the other blog is not a direct competition – preferably another niche.

People won’t just click the banner at instantly buy from you unless they know like and trust you – or the blog owner promoting the hell out of you.

People only do business with people that they know like and trust.

So if you want to maximise you banner ads on other blogs, have you own blog where people can know like and trust you.

Having a blog in place will break that barrier and soften your audience.

You blog is literally free marketing – other than you paying for your hosting and domain name.

Other tips that you can use to build your brand is to add videos to your blog.

I’ve had people reach out to me who have never met me before and said they love my content and feel that they already know me.

I call this building relationships using leverage.

One thing you want to do when your first set up your blog is to discourage search engines from indexing your site.

If you don’t have anything on your website and this function is ticked, Google can potentially sandbox your website – which is not what you want.

This is one of many settings that you need to have in place when starting up your website.

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