5 Easy MLM Prospecting Tips To Help You Dominate Your Business


Do you struggle when it comes to prospecting for your business?

If so then today’s blog post will DEFINITELY help you for sure!

Prospecting is crucial in any business… especially if you have an mlm business.

However, if you are generating anywhere between 10-20 leads per day – consistently…

you won’t need to do active prospecting…So if you’re not generating leads on a daily basis then I highly recommend you learn how

to brand yourself online so that  YOU can generate leads… Learn how to do so HERE.

Beside who wants to do active prospecting FOREVER… right?

Unfortunately, active prospecting it is a must if you’re new to network marketing…

OR if you don’t have a large audience… besides your network will determine your net worth!!

So once you have some leads or a list… what do you do?

Well the video below will go into more detail.

These are 5 gold prospecting tips for network marketing.

However, you can apply it to any business that involves servicing people.

The outline of the video consists of:

  1. Fear… which is what holds most people back.. The fear of rejection, the fear of your prospect hanging up on you OR the fear of making a fool out of yourself. I go into more detail in this video
  2. Learn how to ask better questions when you prospect… How do you know if your products or services are of benefit to someone if you don’t know what they need/want?If it is a fit for them… they will buy from you… It is a no brainier.
  3. Detach yourself from the outcome. If you’re money orientated… then you’re limiting yourself from helping that person.You will get more NO’s then YES’S … once again I go into more detail on what you should do when someone says NO to you in the above video.
  4. Apply the law of averages. My favourite mentor Jim Rohn says “What you lack in skills you can make up in numbers.” meaning if you are terrible at sales… well guess what?The only way for YOU to get better is to practice… and in order to practice… you need more people to talk to…So you can either do active prospecting EVERY day or learn how leverage the internet AND generate leads like all the top earners do… Learn how to do so HERE.
  5. Last but not least. Leverage tools. The biggest mistake all new network marketers do is they talk too much.In the video above I tell you what you should be focusing more on AND what you should not be doing.

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