Being Perfect Will Hinder Your Success

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Are you constantly trying to be perfect – no matter what you do?

If so, how long did it take you to start doing what you intentionally seek out to do?

Did you even get it done? Have you even started?

You know what’s funny? I was trying to think of the perfect introduction for this blog post.

I convinced myself that when I’d come up with the perfect introduction for this post – that’s when I’ll begin.

Believe it or not, it took me 6 hours before I began writing this blog post and did I have the perfect introduction? Hell no!

I told my silly brain to start typing, type what I want to say and eventually everything will come together.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar 

As a result of starting, look what I have produced – a completed blog post. Is it perfect? No! Will I get better at writing blog post? Yes of course!

We get caught up trying to be perfect before we even start. We look for that perfect moment, the perfect time and the perfect place. We also compare ourselves and our work against other leader – which hinders us from starting.

Check out my video below where I explain why being perfect will hinder your success

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The Perfect Time To Start Is…

The reality is – there will never be a perfect time, place or moment. You just need to start NOW!

Once you start, you’ll be able to steer towards the direction that you need to and make adjustments where needed.

I once heard that the wealthiest place on earth is the grave yard! It didn’t make sense to me at first but then it clicked.

We as humans are afraid to pursue on our dreams and unfortunately die with our dreams – bring it with us to the grave yard, why? Because we’re too afraid to start, we’re afraid to fail.

Our perfectionist attitude is holding us back.

Most of you don’t know that I also run a personal training business of 7 years.

When I first started, I had no experience in business yet alone people skills.

Did I fail? Yes, many times. Did I struggle with talking to people? Yes I was afraid of sounding silly.

Fast forward to today, it’s been a privileged to have help hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals – all because I stopped being a perfectionist. I wasn’t addicted to the outcome of looking silly.

One thing I notice with everything I do is I’ll take action even if I have no idea what I’m doing.

I know I’m going to make mistakes but these mistakes to me are considered as feedbacks.

Feedbacks help you grow. It also teaches you everything you don’t know.

If you can rewire your brain and convince yourself that failure is the path to success, your addictive attitude being a perfectionist will fade before your eyes.

The first time I did a squat, bench and deadlift – I was horrible! My technique was atrocious.

Fast forward to today, all my clients who perform these exercises look at me as a guru. They compare themselves against me, consistently wishing they could do it as good as me.

It’s not only until I show them videos and photos of when I first started that they realise that I’m no guru. I’ve just mastered these exercises by repetitively doing it over and over again.

Are you comparing yourself to other gurus who have been in business for a lot longer than you? Are you doing what they’re doing consistently?

If you plant that seed and keep watering that seed consistently, overtime that seed will form into a massive tree.

The moral of the story is you don’t need to be perfect and successful to start. You just need to start and be persistent and consistent over a long period of time.

When you become successful, others who wish to be in your shoes will look at your line of work as perfect – but in reality your ability to stay consistent and take action is what got you the results.

My Ability To Start Got Me Success

When I decided to come online to build my home business, generating leads was what I needed to do – to expose myself in front of more people on how I can help them.

It was very hard and I made a lot of errors. But with the right training in place, consistent action and perseverance it allowed me to generate my first 18 leads online.

Having the right marketing training in place is very important – strategies that work now!

We live in a digitalized world where everything is changing by the second so it’s important that we stay tapped into what marketing methods are working now.

This will allow you to consistently stay in the forefront helping others that want the help.

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