3 Simple Steps To Build Your Brand On Facebook & Generate Leads

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For those that don’t know Facebook is ranked as the second top visited site on the internet – just below Google.

Facebook is a social platform that allows people to connect with one another including friends and family. You have the ability to upload photos, share links and videos.

Even though Facebook is a social media platform, you can DEFINITELY build your business using Facebook and it has been proven many times.

If you’re not using Facebook to build your brand and generate leads, then you are literally leaving money on the table.

Everybody uses Facebook whether it’s on their desktop or on their smart phones to socialize.

And if you position yourself in front of an audience with valuable content, helping them solve their pain, you’ll get a better chance of them sharing your content to their list of friends and family.

This will give you more exposure, massaging the crowd with content that helps people and building up that know, like and trust factor.

So how do you build a brand and attract the right audience?

Below are 3 simple steps that will show you how.

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Set Up A Facebook Fan Page

  • This must be a fan page and not your profile page.
  • Pages are for business where you can advertise.
  • It is your number 1 asset and place to engage with your followers.
  • This is the place where you share your value and content.
  • Put together a professional looking header for your fan page – or outsource it using a Fiverr gig.
  • Fill in your about me section with a description, category, website address and other important information so people who come to your page know who you are and what you do.

Create An Ad To Promote Your Page

  • Set up a targeted ad that is targeting your audience.
  • DO NOT get a like’s gig over at Fiverr for your page. That will do you more damage than any good.
  • Click on create an ad in your fan page and select Promote your Page.
  • Select the page that you would like to promote by using the drop down menu and name your campaign.
  • Toggle through the steps and apply the information based on your target market and niche.
  • Word of advice, pick ONE location and ONE interests rather than multiple locations and interests as you won’t know what ads gives you the best results.
  • Run a Facebook ad targeting people in your niche. For example if you are in the home based business, you might target network marketing companies or leaders such as Eric Worre.
  • Set the ad to only mobile device (1. The cost per like is cheaper 2. More people are on their phone) you can target them later on desktop. The main purpose here is to get them to like your page first (build a raving audience)
  • The purpose is to build up a group of people who will eventually buy what you have to offer.
  • Find a group of people that are in pain and provide them with a pain killer. For instance, every network marketer needs more people to talk to (leads) and make more sales in their business. Show your audience (who are struggling network marketers) how to get more leads and sales and you will become an authority.

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Post Content On A Consistent Basis

  • Once you start building an audience, begin to post content based on what your audience wants. Posting content on what they need is irrelevant.
  • A want is a lot more powerful than a need and more people want things then need. (For example, do you need to lose weight? or do you want to lose weight? when you want something, you will do whatever it takes to get it.)
  • Post content that solves your target markets problem.
  • Give the audience what they want and they will literally beg for more.
  • By massaging your audience with what they want, when the time is right they will buy what you have to offer.
  • They will more likely share your content if it’s good and helps them solve their problems.
  • The more they share your content, the more viral your content goes and the higher your chances are in getting leads.
  • Make sure you have a website or capture page in place to capture your leads.

If you found this to be helpful, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below. Share this content to your friends and family as we all know, sharing is caring 🙂

God bless

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