Do You Want To Know Best MLM Scripts To Use For Realtors

Do You Want To Know Best MLM Scripts To Use For Realtors

Do you want to know the best mlm scripts to use to prospect realtors? In today’s blog post I will share with 2 tips that I have learnt from my good mentor Ray Higdon when it comes to prospecting realtors.

One of the reasons why I like prospecting realtors is because they are business minded. They thrive on commissions and they are hustlers – well some of them.

And because network marketing is based on make sales, making money… you just know that network marketing will be a good fit for realtors or real estate agents.

So because of this you want to know what to say when it comes to prospecting realtors or real estate agents in your cold and warm market sphere.

Now I have put together cold market recruiting scripts that I have learnt from Ray AND I have also put together what to say for realtors or real estate agents in your warm market as well.

So let’s dive into some network marketing cold calling scripts first.

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First Phase of Your MLM Scripts

First thing you want to remember is not to get addicted to the outcome. Simply because the outcome that every network marketer wants to achieve is – to sign them up, recruit them or make a sale.

And most often than never, you will never sign that person up and this will put you in the dumps because you’ve convinced yourself that you got this! That they are going to join! That they are going to crush this!

This then leads to a negative effect and you will feel shitty about it…. And most people quit because they can’t handle rejection.

You see, most network marketers come across as eager beavers when prospecting people – as a matter of fact, this happens in all business… not just in network marketing.

It’s evident in personal trainers, car salesman, shopping center booths where people sell products… people are just too eager and it’s a turn off.

Network marketers give out too much information when prospecting. And when a prospect is presented with too much information they get confused AND a confused mind does nothing…

Your prospects can also sense that you are too eager and pushy! And therefore they will also say NO.

Think about it… have you ever been on a date or seen someone who has been on a date and after 1 date they send you or that person 10-20 message the next day… what’s the result of that? The opposite sex runs away.

This is no different when it comes to prospecting and building your network marketing business. You’ve heard of the saying – Less is more.


So when you have located a realtor sign and you’re ready to give them a call. The first thing you want to do is make a reference of where you saw their sign – this helps with the rapport building.

Ask them if they live in the area, if so how long. Spend a few minutes building rapport as this lowers any resistant they may have.

Once you have built up some rapport, you want to fast disqualify them. Now there is a reason why you want to fast disqualify them so if you haven’t read the book Go for No! by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton I highly recommend that you do so.

So what you want to say is “Hey John, my name is Peter Nguyen I actually saw your sign on (reference where you saw it) just curious though, we actually work with a couple of realtors (make sure there are realtors that are crushing it in your company – don’t lie) and they are doing really well, but just curious would you be open at all to a side project that didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

I go into more detail in this video.

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If they say NO… don’t get all defensive and retaliate… Keep your posture and say “NO problem, just curious though DO YOU KNOW anyone THAT IS OPEN to making some extra money if we can show them step by step how to do so.”

By following these MLM scripts, Ray states that quite often people will re-qualify themselves and go hang on… you show people step by step how to make money?

Now they are begging you to show them how to make money. This is your opportunity to show them your business presentation.

However if they don’t, then they might give you some referrals. This is powerful. When you use this strategy, all you are doing is seeing who is OPEN and when you don’t get addicted to the outcome, you network marketing business will dramatically change.

If you want to know the mlm scripts to use for your warm market, then watch the video above.

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  • DISQUALIFY is where many of us, myself included, failed in the beginning. We want retention and business builders we have a good energy and rapport with to do business.

    Great stuff!

    Dr. Lisa

  • I agree with Dr. Lisa…and you, Peter. We never have to be addicted to the outcome if we trust the process.

  • Peter Nguyen


    Absolutely Lisa! When you fast disqualify people, your recruiting becomes a lot easier. Thank you. Have a great day

  • Peter Nguyen


    That is key right there Larry, trust the process…Something that I, myself didn’t have in the beginning. Thank you Larry. Have a great day

  • I’m going to echo a sentiment of both Dr. Lisa and Larry – being addicted to the outcome (in all areas of our marketing) is a failure… because we cannot attach that emotion to success, just let it walk on by until we find where the fit is “right.” Thank you for a great post!

  • Peter Nguyen


    I couldn’t agree more Chondra! Thank you for your comment. Have a great day

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