How To Dominate Your Recruiting Process By Using These Prospecting Scripts For Network Marketing


Do you want to dominate your network marketing recruiting process? If so, this blog post will provide you with valuable prospecting scripts for network marketing so that you can recruit people with no hassle…

But also show you what NOT to do so you can fast track your learning curve.

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Why You Should Use Prospecting Scripts For Network Marketing

One of the reasons why you may be struggling with recruiting people into your network marketing business is because you’re not saying the right things to your prospects! And in just a moment, I will show you exactly what to say so you won’t have to struggle with recruiting anymore.

Now quite possibly, you have been told by your upline to “JUST invite your prospects to view a live company presentation or watch a video” or “It is a numbers game” or “Some will, some won’t, so what.”

Don’t worry, I have been told these lines many times. Unfortunately, it never helped me one bit.

However, after following everything your upline says, you realise that surely by now someone would have joined after prospecting that many people – and there is a reason why, I’ll get to that in just a moment.

But unfortunately, those that do respond to your initial connection, come follow up, all you hear is crickets. They don’t pick up your phone call, they don’t return your messages, hell it’s damn awkward when you do see them.

Now, YES this is a numbers game, YES you want to invite them to view your company presentation and YES some will join you and some won’t BUT…

there is a reason why all YOU hear is crickets…. it’s because you haven’t determined if what you have to offer, is what they need in their life.

Not everyone needs what you have to offer…Just like you, you might not be looking to get better skin – therefore you don’t want to buy any skin care products.

But most times, your prospect has no idea why they are even viewing your company presentation to start off with, because some uplines teach us to say to our prospect “I am working on a cool project and I know you are a savvy and innovative person and I think this will be a good fit for you.”

Throwing lines like that, sure you prospects will take a look, but you haven’t tickled their selfish needs, wants and desires – this is why you may be encountering a lot of network marketing

Don’t assume that every prospect wants to work on a cool project. However, everyone has a problem that they want to solve. But assuming that your prospect needs what you have is a sure fire way to lose them as a prospect.

Just IMAGINE you walked into a supplement store looking for a mass gainer protein powder – because you want to put on size, and the sales rep shoving the the latest and greatest fat burner down your throat. What are the chances of you returning back to that store? Negative.

This is no different to our prospects.

Qualify your prospects by asking the right questions and I will show you how in just a moment, but first

Here’s A Network Marketing Invitation Script Gone Wrong

I have blurred out sections for privacy purpose. But this is a networking invitation sample that I received and wanted to share with you showing you what NOT do, so you can recruit faster than you ever dreamed possible.


Mistake #1

Now instead of saying “I can’t believe we haven’t caught up yet, it’s been so long.” I’d recommend apologizing for NOT being a good friend staying in touch…people will respect that.

Keep in mind, I haven’t spoken to this person in donkey years. So if you haven’t spoken to a prospect for a long time, rekindle by asking them if they would like to catch up for coffee or lunch – your goal is to NOT recruit them when you rekindle…

Your goal is to rebuild the relationship (know, like and trust factor) and ask good questions to see if they are a good fit for your product or service.

This is no different whether it is online or offline. More on “what questions to ask” in just a moment.

Mistake #2

Now instead of ASSUMING that what you have is a good fit for your prospect, determine if your prospect REALLY needs what you have to offer BECAUSE by assuming, you comes across as being salesy, disrespectful (in my opinion) and asking for a rejection.

So to minimize rejection, learn how to ask better questions.

Mistake #3

Never ever say that have you just gotten back into it and here is why:

  1. Your prospects doesn’t want to do business with a seasonal business owner – do you?
  2. Your prospects will say in their head “What’s to say that they won’t quit and leave me stranded later”, “Why did you quit in the first place?”, “If you quit before, you will quit again later”, “You just looking for a sale and you don’t care about me”

BUT here’s a tip: If your prospect didn’t respond to your message 18 months ago, chances are they’re not interested AND the reason why is you haven’t hammered down on their needs, wants and desires.

Here is a follow up message from the same person.


Mistake #4

Inviting your prospects to see a presentation whether it’s online or offline – without them agreeing is a big NO NO. You come across as being desperate.

You might be saying, well they’re just following up. What is there to follow up with if you haven’t agreed to anything – yet alone responded to the message?

Hammer on their needs, wants and desire and then follow up. That way you aren’t coming across as being salsey and secondly, you will have a better chance of them showing up and taking a look at how you can solve their selfish needs.

But if you want to prevent network marketing rejection and not come across as being salsey then use these Network Marketing Prospecting Invitation Scripts

By Asking These Questions

Now you can also use these question as Cold Market Recruiting Scripts if you are prospecting people that you’ve just met. However, for prospects that you already know, jump straight to question 6 after you have asked question 1.

You may want to print this blog post out and if you have a team, share this blog with them. Having these questions close to your computer when you are talking to prospects on the phone is a good idea just in case you get tongue tied or loss of words.

Here you go! Prospecting Scripts For Network Marketing

  1. What do you do for a living? Or if you know them ask them how is work and then move onto question 6
  2. What does that involve exactly?
  3. How long have you been doing that for?
  4. What made you decide to do that?
  5. Did you do anything before that?
  6. Do you enjoy what you do?
  7. Has the economy affected you at all?
  8. Have you ever thought about doing something else?
  9. What experience do you have in the home-based business industry?
  10. Was it a positive experience?
  11. If you could have more of something in your business, what would it be? (Ask this only if they’ve had a positive experience, as you want to see how you can help. Everyone wants to have more of something)
  12. Why do you think you didn’t succeed? (Ask this only if they feel they didn’t succeed or didn’t make any money)
  13. What is your ultimate goal in your business? (Time freedom, financial freedom, etc.)
  14. It may or may not be for you, but if I could show you a way to (repeat back their needs, wants or desires) would you be open to taking a look to see if it’s a fit for you? (Ask this only if you know you have a solution)
  15. When do you think you will have viewed if for sure? (Let them make the commitment)
  16. Great, if I called you back on (state the time and day they said they would view it by) you would have viewed it and have an answer for me for sure?

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