How To Handle It’s Too Expensive Network Marketing Objections

network marketing objections

Do you want to know what to say to your prospects when they tell you that it is GOD DAMN FRICKEN EXPENSIVE?

Well in today’s blog post you’ll learn how to handle this objection and recruit them into your business.

The Most Common Objections In Network Marketing Is

the money objection!

However, there is always a way to overcome this objection. And that is, to determine what their needs, wants and desires FIRST before you present them with your cookie.

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But here’s something that I want you to know. Understand this. If YOUR prospect knows YOU respects you, they’re not going to say it in this tonality “OH God damn this is frickin expensive” AND they’re not going to say in those words.

So make sure you manage your energy & don’t retaliate… don’t defend yourself and get all feisty and angry which is what most people do.

Most likely they will say, “WOW, that’s a little bit more expensive than I expected.”

Typically that’s what they will say.

However, most network marketers will say… now depending if you are in the health and wellness industry, I’m going to use this as an example. Most network marketers will say “Oh my god, you can’t put a price on your health”. Or they’ll say something like “Oh yea but your health stinks. I’ve seen it. It sucks, you need this product, You’re always sick.”

Keep in mind that when you say things like this, you’ve already lost your prospect.

And no one is going to turn around and say “Oh yea you’re right, my health does stink and I’m always sick, let me go ahead and fill out the order form.”

How To Handle Rejection In Network Marketing

Now instead… you should say. “I know right… I was like that when I first saw this, I  was like, wow that’s a little bit pricey. But then I realized that anything out there that is similar to this product here, I can actually get for cheaper. But what I found was what I pay for is what I got…and because I see you as a person of high quality, I figured you wanted high quality products. You do want quality products right?

That is how to handle objections when it comes to money. Here is a great article on handling sales objections that you might like.

Now if you want to know how to put a bit of fear into your prospect as well and why they shouldn’t buy the cheaper option, then watch the video below as I dive into how you can use third party credibility to back up your justification.

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