How To Prospect Strangers In Network Marketing


Do you want to know how to prospect strangers in network marketing? Well if you do then in today’s blog post I will share with you what I have learnt from my good mentor – Ray Higdon.

Now this strategy that I am about to share with you applies to any business – offline or online. However if you are prospecting online, you will need to find a way to transition the conversation and get them on the phone or on a virtual office (Zoom or Apprea.In)

And the reason why is you want to be able to see their body language, facial expression and so on – this is key! You want to mirror them in a way- which increases rapport.

So if you want to know how this strategy is played out, then watch this video below.

This Is How I Build My Home Business Without Chasing Friends & Family Or Any Offline Belly To Belly Strategies

This Strategy Will Teach You How To Prospect Strangers In Network Marketing

This technique is called the indirect hook. So just to clear the air, these are not a cold market prospecting scripts. It is merely a way for you to prospect, connect and build more relationship with a strangers that you meet so that when the time comes, you can provide them with one of your solutions.

Now just to let you know, people don’t hate NETWORK MARKETING they hate NETWORK MARKETERS.

And the reason why is because untrained network marketers present their business opportunity in a way that provides false claims to people that they prospect.

They tell their prospects that it is easy, that they don’t need to do much work, that you can retire from your job 1 year from today… these are just some misleading information’s that attract the wrong prospects to the industry.

These new distributors then develop the victim mindset when they don’t fulfill their goals in a short time frame that their upline promised them – resulting to them quitting and bad mouthing the industry AND company.

We all know that every business takes time, consistency and hard work.

Now just to set the record straight, if you don’t like talking to people or you don’t like building relationships then chances are you’re not going to like this approach… AND network marketing is probably not a good fit for you.

This approach requires you to be interested in your prospects as appose to being interesting.

I tried this indirect hook tip that I share with you in this video above and I was able to not only get prospects to ask ME for more information, I also made some friends from it – which is key in this business.

People love talking about themselves so when you listen more and talk less, they eventually reciprocate… it’s just human nature.

If you want to know cold market recruiting then you need to how to talk to people. And by using this method that I share with you in this video – that I learnt from Ray, you will naturally become a good prospector and communicator

However this will take some practice. So if you are an introvert like myself. Make sure you practice and focus on getting better and better every time.

And from this, you will be able to build incredible relationships with strangers which may possibly lead down the path of them being open to taking a look at what you have to offer.

So basically, how to approach strangers in network marketing is be more interested in them as appose to be interesting. And use this indirect hook strategy to get them to ask you more about what you do.

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