How To Reach Out And Do Warm Market Prospecting

Do You Want To know How To Reach Out And Do Warm Marketing Prospecting

Do you want to know how to reach out and do warm market when prospecting? If so, then in today’s blog post I am going to share with you how to do so.

Now if you are afraid to tell your warm market about your home business then THIS blog post is also you!

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So you’re probably wondering is there such a thing as warm marketing prospecting scripts? You’ve written down your warm market list and you’re ready to rock and roll!

Well here’s the deal, if you’ve been in business for more than 2 days and you haven’t reached out to your warm market list yet… then no matter how many home business prospecting scripts  you have in front of you – your still not going to call your warm market.

And here is why!

It is because you care more about your self-image, what people are going to say to you, how people judge you or the fact that you might sound stupid!

You are literally… addicted to the outcome! You have that little devil is sitting on your shoulder right now whispering in your ear – psyching you out telling you not to do it!

But let me tell you this, when you care about what other people think about you, you are thinking small and you’re being selfish!

There are people out there in your warm market that are looking for an opportunity. They are sick and tired of their current job OR life but you are too selfish to share with them this amazing opportunity that you have – which could save their life!

So here is what you should do, watch this video below.

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Why You Need To Do Warm Market Prospecting

So I want you to imagine this. Imagine you’re working two jobs and you’re up to your eye balls with bills. You haven’t been on a holiday since prehistoric times and you’re sick and tired of your job.

You said STUFF it, I have been working my ass off for the last 8 years! I deserve a holiday. So you go to the bank and you get a loan. You go and book yourself a flights and accommodation to Hawaii.

Once you get to Hawaii, you make your way down to the beach and order yourself a nice cocktail at one of the bars on the beach. You see someone that looks familiar on the horizon but you’re not sure if that’s who you think it is.

As you begin to squint even further, the small dot that you saw on the horizon got bigger and bigger and before you know it, it’s your best friend Larry! Larry goes to you, John what you’re doing here!

You go I haven’t been on a vacation before and I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii.  I’ve been working my butt off for the last 8 years so I said what the heck! I got a loan, booked a hotel and here I am. This feels amazing! You go to Larry what are you doing here.

Larry goes, oh I’ve been working on this side business for a few months now and because I have helped so many people change their lives – the company has rewarded me with some bonuses… all expenses paid for… Oh and I am going on a company cruise ship tomorrow as well.

Larry goes I did tell you about this opportunity… I did right? You look at Larry and go…. errrrr…NOOOOOOOOO

You’re seconds away from punching Larry out! The moral of the story is…Don’t be Larry!

But I Want To Only Do Cold Market Prospecting

Look, if you’re too afraid to share your business opportunity this with your warm market – who knows, likes and trusts you better than a cold market prospect… how on earth are you going to build up that confidence and present your opportunity to a cold market prospect?

You’re more incline to get rejected from a cold market prospect who knows nothing about you then your warm market!

But the fact of the matter is, if you can’t even share this with your warm market, that just shows that you don’t believe in your company, your product or service that they offer… you don’t believe in YOURSELF! And if you don’t believe in YOURSELF- how on earth are your friends meant to look up to you as a leader?

So go out there and start with your warm marketing! Don’t be Larry!

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  • Great point Peter… if you are afraid to share your business opportunity this with your warm market, how on earth you will succeed at cold market. Awesome post!

  • When you love what you do, you have no problems sharing it with your warm market.

    Think of a time when you ate at a great restaurant. You had no problems sharing with with your friends. And you didn’t care if they went or not, or if they liked it or not.

    The key is you divorced yourself from the outcome.

    Dr. Lisa

  • Isn’t it silly that we care what others think about us?? Thanks for tips on how to get over that!! Think big!

  • Love this post and the story about Larry, there are so many people who are like Larry.
    Love what you do and just share, it sounds easy and it is … would you share with others about a great movie? Sure, you have removed the outcome from your mind, you just tell them and they make the decision.

  • Hrvoje


    Excellent post Peter! Yes you have to Show what you do to the everybody. It is only important how you Will do it. Everybody should see it. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Peter Nguyen


    Thank you for your comment Hrvoje. I’m glad you got value

  • Peter Nguyen


    Thanks Mike. I am glad you like the story about Larry. We do network marketing every day. To our partner, friends, family and people that we meet. It’s when we know that something that we are recommending is attached to a network marketing opportunity we freeze up. That all comes down to our belief in the industry.

  • Peter Nguyen


    I’m glad you got value Chondra. Thank you

  • Peter Nguyen


    Absolutely Lisa! Thank you for your comment

  • Peter Nguyen


    Absolutely Gordon. If you are afraid to share this with your warm marketing – it just means that you don’t believe in the industry.

  • sruthi


    Awesome post. l love it

  • Peter Nguyen


    Thank you!

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