How To Use Visualization Techniques For Success

How To Use Visualization Techniques For Success

Are you struggling to create success in your business – whether it’s in network marketing, direct sales or your traditional brick and mortar business?

If so, chances are you don’t have a crystal clear vision on what you want to achieve – and therefore limits the urgency when it comes to your daily income producing activity (IPA).

When I started my business, I didn’t have a clear vision on where I wanted to be, how much money I wanted to make per month, where I wanted to live… All I knew was that I wanted to make money!

I didn’t have a clear vision or goal – which made it very difficult. Try shooting an arrow at NO target…you’re just waving the bow and arrow around looking for something to shoot at.

This is what we do in business without a clear vision.

Now the money motivation will only get you so far because when you make a few hundred bucks that pays for your monthly auto ship or membership for any affiliate program that you are with… what happens?

You care less…right? You don’t have to worry so much now because all expenses are paid for.

You see, the money motivation didn’t help me for those days that I lacked in motivation or the days I felt tired. Lets face it, we all have those days.

There’s been weeks where I wasn’t motivated to do anything, especially when all my expenses were paid for and I found that I only worked harder when I needed to make more money.

Which is the wrong attitude to have – in my opinion.

I became inconsistent and my audience could see that. And who wants to do business with someone who is inconsistent?

So how do you stay motivated and focus especially during the periods when you don’t make any money – in particular if you are new or during that periods that are in a minor surplus?

Don’t get me wrong, making money is great, but if were are focused on making money and that’s all we care about – your prospects will see right through you and realise that they are just another number.

You then lose all focus on providing value because you are money hungry.

Remember people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!

So as I dove into more personal development and spent more time around successful people, one thing I noticed was a trend.

That trend that I notice was that every successful person visualized their goals and dreams using various techniques – on a day to day basis.

It would always pull them every day to their goals – even on those days that they struggled. They would think bigger, faster and sooner.

You see, visualization techniques have been used for many years. Successful entrepreneur and business owners use visualization techniques for success and there is something we can all learn from this – if your goal is to be successful.

Now before I go into more detail on why and how to implement this method I want you to know that if you haven’t read the book  Think and Grow Rich – oh boy! I suggest that you go get the book and dive into it.

Be sure to study the concept that they use in the book and implement it to your business.


Why You Should Use Visualization Techniques For Success

The number 1 reason why you should use visualization exercise on a day to day basis is because you want your goal to stay vividly clear in your mind – constantly.

And by it being within arms length in your mind, the thirst and hunger to keep pushing forward until achieve your goal remains on full throttle.

You see we live in a world full of distractions and noise and if we don’t remind ourselves consistently about the goals that we want to achieve, you end up forgetting about it.

So here is a great article on Visualization Techniques For Success that will help you out for sure.

Now there is something to say about performing positive visualization techniques on a day to day basis – especially if every successful people on the planet is doing it.

I know for a fact that Tony Robbins, Brian Fanale and Ray Higdon just to name a few are doing these visualization exercises on a day to day basis.

And if these 7-figure earners are doing these exercise, I sure am going to model them – and so should you! You owe it to your business.

Now without a doubt, every book that I have read has consistently mentioned that the reason why they are successful is because of the power of visualization techniques that they do daily – sometime multiple times a day.

Walt Disney states that “If you believe it, you can achieve it”

So with that being said,  to help you get the most out of your visualization exercise, in the video below I will run you through 3 exercises that will help you visualize yourself succeeding.

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