How To Utilize Newton’s Laws In Network Marketing

How To Utilize Netwons Law In Network Marketing

Do you want to know how you can use Newton’s Law in your Network Marketing Business?

Well in order to understand how this law can be applied to your business, let’s take a dive into what this law is all about shall we.

Newton stated that energy is never created or destroyed, only transferred from one from to another.

So to apply this…  as you build your network marketing business, you will come across people who are positive or just plain negative.

Good up lines or bad up lines… You may even come across down lines that complain about everything.

The fact of the matter is, every response that you receive from the opposite person is a form of energy – whether that is a positive or a negative energy, that’s another question.

The issue here is that most amateurs in network marketing will complain about every thing! Things that can be resolved in a matter of minutes.

And it is you job as a leader to point and directed them to the solution.

You don’t want to be making derogatory remarks or even go into a disagreement – that is bad business and can also detract you from your vision.

Newton’s Laws In Network Marketing

So based on the information that we discussed above, we know that being negative is a negative energy.

So if negative energy cannot be destroyed, we must not try to stop it, instead we can change it by changing the way we respond to your prospect, up line or down line.

If we maintain posture and provide a solution that solves their problem or issue… we then get them to refocus back on what is more important – which is their vision.

Remember, one of the keys to building a successful network marketing business is duplication.

You sitting there an answering all these questions is not duplicable – you literally have another job if you are doing that.

So in the video below I go through network marketing tips on two scenarios on how to Utilize Newton’s Law when it comes to perceived problems.

Use the concepts in this video to resolve problems with your team.

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