MLM Prospecting – 2 Qualifying Questions To Help You Recruit More Reps


Do you want to know 2 MLM prospecting questions that will help you qualify your prospects so that you can recruit more reps into your business?

If so, in this blog post I am going to share with you 2 powerful questions that I have learnt from world-class closers that has allowed me to bring in MORE qualified people into my business.

No more time wasters…

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So use these MLM prospecting scripts

to help you sift and sort out those who are serious and ready to take action.

But first, you must make sure that when you ask these questions, don’t sound like a robot or try to be someone else…. for example, your upline.


If you are trying to be like someone else, it’s just a matter of time when your prospects will go “What’s up with Peter, he doesn’t sound like that in his videos…”

And when you ask your questions, try to put yourself in their shoes.

Find out what their pains, frustrations and desires are…. AND I do this as I build rapport with them.

A tip that I wanna share with you is something that I use to do all the time….This was before I knew how to market CORRECTLY!

I mean, we all make this mistake when we first start… YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW RIGHT?…

What I did was SPAM people…. even without their approval.

Sending unsolicited links to people is not cool…

I wish I could turn back time lol…

Just imagine walking through the shopping center and someone walked up to you, shoved a watch down your throat, telling you to buy it…

It’s basically what I did with my business when I first started.

I still see it now online.

Never put your company name on your social media pages

When you place your company name on your social media pages… your potential prospects will Google your company and they will see all the negative post and videos that other smart marketers are doing to draw these people into their funnel…

And most of your prospects will self diagnose themselves before seeing the benefit of what your products, service or opportunity can do for them.

By doing so, you lose the ability to sift and sort your prospects and qualify your prospects…

But here is the thing…

Not everyone will qualify…

Not everyone is a fit for your organisation, products or service.

So you’re probably asking, how do I know if they are a good fit for what I have to offer?

Well, you do this by asking good prospecting questions in the video below.

I run you through 2 underused network marketing prospecting questions which will help you recruit more people into your business.


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