MLM Tips – How To Delegate Your Time With Your MLM Team


Are you spending too much time with some of your team members? Especially the ones that don’t take action and just keep asking you questions after questions?

If so then in today’s blog post I am going to share with you how you can delegate your time effectively so that not only do you get your daily income producing activity (IPA) done

but you also how to delegate tasks effectively and also your time to the people who deserve it – as appose to people who need it.

MLM Tips To Success

The late great Jim Rohn says that “you need to give those who deserve, not those who need.”

A big time trap that many network marketers should be wary of is the needy reps.

They will take advantage of you supportive nature and suck your energy dry

So in today’s video I share with you the importance of delegation in management and a few other MLM Tips that will prevent you from getting burnt out.

And also allow you to have fun in your business… because we all want a business that you love and enjoy… right?

Otherwise it’s just another job.

What the video below and leave your thoughts below this video.

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