MLM Tips – How To Start Your Brand New Rep


Do you want to know how to start YOUR brand new rep so that you can achieve mlm success in your organisation?

Well in today’s post and video I will share with you 6 network marketing success secrets that you must have in place so that you and your team will have massive success.

Step 1

Make sure that you connect your new team member to your team… AND get your team to welcome your new prospect…make them feel welcomed.

If you don’t have a team, ask your up line or up up line if you can plug your new team member to the group until you have built up a big enough team for you to branch off and create your own team.

Just image… how would you feel if 20-50 people welcomed you to the team…Wouldn’t you feel like you have made the right decision? You’d feel welcomed… wouldn’t you?

By doing so, your new rep can see how real this is…they can also see other people (who are just like them) hit ranks, earning commsions and win paid for holidays.

So therefore when they go out into the real world AND someone tells them that network marketing doesn’t work… they are now bullet proof AND have seen proof. This so so powerful!

Step 2

If your company has the opportunity for your new rep to get their return on investment (ROI) then ask your new rep if they would like to get their ROI back fast?

If they say yes, proceed with the fast start steps so that they can get their ROI asap. When they receive their ROI, not only does this increase their belief factor that they can do this…

They also will be able to teach their new recruits how to get their ROI fast… Your goal is to teach how to teach… if it is not duplicatable then you just have another job.

Leverage the system and show them where to find the answers…remember.. they are a business owner now…

Step 3

Inviting is an important skill set that your new rep must learn to master… It is very simple, yet so many people still complicate the whole process.

Here are some examples to teach your new reps on how to invite.

Now this is for your HOT MARKET (Your closest friends and family)

Phone call:

“Hey, you home?” (if yes) “Cool, I’m coming over!”

“Hey, you home?” (if no) “When are you going to be home?” (Followed by) “Cool, I’m gonna pop by!”

2 Step Text:

“Could you (do coffee, grab lunch, meet up etc) this week?”

“Sure. Tomorrow works.”

“How about our favourite cafe at 4:00pm?”

“Great. see you then.”

Now if they have questions for example they say

“What’s up?”

Your response is

“Too much to text. See you tomorrow at 4:00pm”

As you can see, these are network marketing tips for guaranteed success. You must know how to invite properly AND if you sound all funny… your friend can tell something isn’t right!

Just act normal… People tend to act all different and professional when they start with network marketing.

There is no special network marketing tips and tricks where you have to be a smooth sales person… Gone are the days of the used car sales person…

We are in the relationship building business.

These are fundamental network marketing tips for beginners.

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