MLM Tips – Number 1 Mistake In Network Marketing

MLM Tips - Do You Want To Know The Number 1 Mistake In Network Marketing

Do you want to know the number 1 mistake that people make in their network marketing business?

In today’s blog post I will share with you the number 1 mistake people are making in network marketing and the network marketing tips and tricks to overcome this mistake.

MLM Tips – How To Succeed In Network Marketing Today

So if you’re struggling right now in your MLM business then chances are you are making this mistake… actually there is more than 1 mistake that I want to share with you that most network marketers make.

Now one of the things that people do when they first join their network marketing business is they miss the basics – I am guilty of this. We as humans complicate things – when in fact we shouldn’t.

The saying that I’ve heard from Jordan Alder is that if an 8 year old can’t do it, it’s not duplicable.  We live in a very fast pace world now and if it’s too complicated, we won’t do it.

But we as humans can’t help it… we naturally complicate things…The saying is that if it’s that easy everyone would do it – which is true!

However, this mantra has been embedded into our subconscious mind for a very long time now and when we are presented with an opportunity where an 8 year old can do it… with unlimited income potential, we naturally do the complete opposite – we say it can’t be that easy… and go complicate things…which is why most network marketers fail.

So the first mistake that network marketers make is NOT PROSPECTING! Prospecting is so important to your success in network marketing AND should be done if you are new. 

However, as you begin to generate leads consistently, you can fizzle out active prospecting.

Now prospecting is actually easy! If you can say “Hi how are you?” you can prospect. Most people go into a conversation with the intention to try and recruit that person right off the bat!

Trying to recruit people off the bat raises alarm bells to your prospect.. AND YES! They can sense it. Your goal isn’t to recruit them, remember your goal is to build some relationship, make a friend, find a need and fill the need.

We are in the relationship building business!

So if you want to build a team and make money – you need to talk to people!

Now if you are struggling to find ways to prospect then this FREE training will help you out for sure, grab it here.

Just remember your business will not build itself. Imagine you were a Chiropractor and you owned a clinic, do you think people will just magically pop up at your front door? Unlikely, unless you you’ve done some marketing.

Therefore you will have to go out to meetups and other networking events to find business – wouldn’t you?

Well this is no different when it comes to building your home base business.

My favorite online location to prospect people is Facebook groups. You can search your niche in the Facebook search bar and find a group and look for people who are spamming, struggling and build a relationship with them.

So if you want to know how to succeed in network marketing fast… than start prospecting.

But if you would like some more network marketing tips then check this out here.

However, more often than not, the reason why people don’t prospect is because they fear rejection or they are afraid of ruining their self-image – what people will think about them, that is the reason why people don’t prospect.

That is the main reason why I never prospected when I first started.

But once you overcome your fears and not get addicted to the outcome, prospecting becomes very fun!

Just remember your fears are a projection of your past! Quite often, people have either been rejected, discriminated, bashed, made fun of or just had a bad experience talking to people.

And now it’s embedded in your subconscious mind so when you encounter a similar scenario that involves talking to people, your defense mechanism shoots right up and your fears kicks in.

So it is very important that you overcome these fears so that you can crush it in your business. These are some network marketing tips for guaranteed success.

Now if you want to know the second network marketing success secrets then watch the video below as I dive into more network marketing ideas for you.

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PS: Recruiting Leaders Into Your Business Is Easy When You Do This

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  • Duplication is key for everything you do inside of network marketing. Great article Peter.

  • Awesome article! You got to prospect. If you don’t talk to people you won’t succeed in this industry. Thanks for sharing Peter!

  • Loved your blog post and also like the look of your site! Sleek and professional – great job, Peter!

  • Great stuff Peter! You need to know how to prospect the right way where you’re not being “needy” but pre-qualifying people to see if they’re a good fit to work with.

    Dr. Lisa

  • Hrvoje


    Excellent post Peter! Prospecting is very important in Network Marketing. Everybody who is in Netwrok Marketing should prospecting all the time.

  • Great video. I agree that not prospecting is one of the biggest mistake network marketers make. Thanks for sharing!

  • BAM, you nailed it there, prospect or die, if you don’t prospect, your network marketing business will just fizzle out and will be no more.. Thanks for sharing.

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