Outsourced Lead Generation Secrets Finally Exposed

Outsourced Lead Generation Secrets Finally Exposed

In this world of business, lead generation is so crucial – especially if you want to build a successful/profitable long term business.

No matter what business you do, it is important that you don’t outsource your lead generation. Here are my 3 reasons why.

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Reason #1

The first reason why I don’t recommend outsourcing your leads is because of the quality – they aren’t good. They’re literally duds and I’ll explain why.

Now this is from experience. I bought leads a while back for my network marketing business and when I bought these list of leads, I thought I hit the jack pot – I literally said to myself “I’m going to be rich now” LOL.

Unfortunately this was far from the truth. When I called these leads, they were duds. No one that I called was interested in what I had to offer, they weren’t even interested in a building a business.

I asked them why their personal details was on this list that I had, stating that they were interested in building a home based business. They said they wanted to win the holiday trip that was up for grabs. Man was I annoyed.

I soon realised that the lead magnet that the company I was outsourcing my leads for wasn’t using an offer that was congruent with what I had to offer.

These people who exchanged their details – in hope to win the competition had no intention to start a business in the first place.

So outsourcing your leads is a big no no. Learn how to generate your own and you can do that here.

Reason #2

The second reason why I don’t recommend outsourcing your leads is that you won’t have full control over your leads.

Most of the time, these companies that sell leads would resell your set of leads to other consumers – therefore your leads are getting hassled by other marketers and by the time you give them a call, you’ll have one angry and not interested prospect.

Reason #3

The third reason why I don’t recommend you outsourcing your leads (once again this is from experience) is that once they said they weren’t interested in building a business; I asked them if they were interested in my products? And guess what the answer was…. You guessed it – NO!

The best way to get leads for your business is to generate your very own by providing value at the forefront so that people can know, like and trust you first.

Generating leads is very easy when you have the right tools and training but can be very hard if you don’t know what you are doing.

A saying that I once heard from the man Ray Higdon himself was “you can cut the grass with a pair of scissors or shorten your time and use the lawn mower.”

The same principle applies to generating leads, you can dabble here and there and look for training in hope that it works or you can invest in yourself and learn from the top earners and fast track your success.

The question is how much of your life time are you willing to waste?

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