8 Networking Conversation Starters


Do you want to know 8 networking conversation starters that will turn YOU into a prospecting machine and give YOU the power to close someone into your business? If you are reading this today it is because you are either struggling to talk to people OR you’re struggling to bring people into your business. And if…

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MLM Tips: What To Say When Your Friends Reject You


Are you getting a lot of NO’s from your friends when you present them your mlm business opportunity? Are they saying to you “Are you selling me something?” If they are then in this video below, I share with you what to say to them when they hit you with a “Are you selling me…

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MLM Tips – Why Prospects Saying Is It A Pyramid Scheme


Is your prospect hitting you with a “Is it a pyramid scheme” when you share with them your MLM business opportunity? Are you getting this objection quite often when you talk to your prospects? If you are then there is a reason why! And in this video below I share with you that reason and…

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