The Entrepreneurial Intelligence You Must Have to Be Successful


According to Howard Gardner, there are 7 types of entrepreneurial intelligence that we humans possess.

Quite often one would have more than one type of intelligences.

However among these 7, there is one that we as an entrepreneur must possess if we want to become successful – the question is which one?

In this blog post I will reveal the 7 types of intelligences and point out the one that we entrepreneurs need to adopt to become successful.

The good thing is you don’t need to be born with this particular intelligence however you must acquire it if you want to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Below are the 7 entrepreneurship intelligence – which one you are?

  1. Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

This type of intelligence is associated with people who are good at reading and writing. Linguistic intelligence is usually associated with the left side of the brain and is commonly found in people who do well in school – the “A” students. These people do well in exams and can quote famous people when needed.

  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

People who are good with numbers and have impeccable skills in solving mathematical problems have logical intelligence. They have the ability to solve a mathematical equation to the decimal point faster than you can calculate it on your calculator.

People with this type of intelligence are usually accountants, computer programmer, engineers, teachers, researchers or professors.

  1. Body-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Body-kinesthetic intelligence is seen in high performance athletes or people who perform at Olympic level. These people have the ability to control their body through various senses of space, distance, depth and size with ease. I call these people freak of nature!

entrepreneurial intelligence

  1. Spatial Intelligence

People who adopt spatial intelligence are people who have the ability to imagine, create and draw 2D and 3D images like no other. Most architects, interior designers, graphic artists and web developers are seen to have this type of intelligence.

  1. Musical Intelligence

A person with this type of intelligence has the ability to identify patterns and musical notes with ease via hearing. They have the ability to pick up an instrument, create harmonies and songs simply by listening to a piece of music. Most people with this intelligence seek out careers in the musical performing arts and are most happy when they are performing.

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  1. Interpersonal Intelligence

Politicians, preachers, salesman and advertising specialists have high interpersonal intelligence. These people have great sense of responsibility they know how to listen and speak, but are also calm when required. They are good at engaging with people, building relationships and excellent at using their own knowledge and power to influence others.

  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence

This intelligence is rare and considered to be crucial if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Intrapersonal intelligence is your ability to communicate with yourself while interpersonal intelligence is the ability to communicate with others.

I believe it is important to have both interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence in our profession as an entrepreneur. Not only do we need to have control over our emotions such as fear, greed, anger, sadness and love – we also need to have the ability to communicate and influence others to become their best version.

An athlete who is gifted with body-kinesthetic intelligence but struggle to control their intrapersonal intelligence will never make it to professional level.

So as an entrepreneur, having the right tools for you to generate leads, build capture pages or get access to the latest marketing trainings to build your business will only contribute to a fraction of your success.

Ninety percent of you success comes from having the right entrepreneur emotional intelligence to account for those days that you feel like giving up or unmotivated.

This is why embedding yourself into a community with like-minded people, improving on your self-development and having execution intelligence entrepreneur is so important for your success – along with .


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