Why Do You Want To Do Content Creation Online


Now before I dive into content creation and why is content so important, especially if you’re trying to build your business online.

If you’re here … it’s because you have a network marketing, direct sales business OR just any business and you’ve exhausted your list of warm market prospect – just like me.

You’ve done your rounds on pitching your business opportunity to every single person on your memory jogger AND now you have no one else to talk to?

You’ve done what I’ve done and stalked OR pitched to people at the shopping mall, gyms or even at family parties – using the 3 foot rule…

The 3 foot rule is when you pitch your business opportunity to anyone who is within 3 foot of you!

I know how you feel… It sucks doesn’t it… they all run away and tell you that they’re not interested!

If you want to learn how to attract people to you – become the hunted and not the hunter?


Now chances are you have attended every meetup event POSSIBLE in your city and you’ve noticed that every person at this event is pitching their OWN business opportunity, promoting their OWN products or services.

I know what you’re saying… this is a complete waste of time going to these events… Right?

No one is interested in what I have, people aren’t open, they’re all saying it’s a scam blah blah blah….

Don’t get me wrong, going to these meetups is a great way for you to meet new people and you may, on the odd occasion bring someone into your business.

But eventually, you will have done the rounds of events and you’re running into the same people every week, who is only after one thing as well… more customers, leads and sales for their business… right?

So now you are resulting to ONLINE! Now every prospect that you meet online, is spamming you their company link – faster than you can even sneeze.

You’re in the same predicament as you were offline! No one is joining your business! They are all promoting their business.

But guess what… the people that DO take a look at your link don’t end up returning your call or turn up to the appointment set.. right?

You see them post on Facebook a few hours or days later and you’re like what the hell!

Why Is Content So Important

Now giving up isn’t really an option because you don’t have a plan B.

Your family is counting on you and you don’t want to let them down.

Now if you don’t have a big network of people like me as well as you’ve exhausted your warm market then you will need to build more relationships, whether that is online of offline.

You will need to actively prospect and convert them into your warm list so that you can eventually see if they are open to your business.

But the question is, do you want to actively prospect forever?

What if there was a way where you could get people to message you, call you or even chase you down asking you if they could join your business?

Would that be something you’d want in your business?

Well this is where content creation comes into place and why content marketing matters in your business especially if you have ran out of people to talk to.

Watch this video here as I go into detail why you need content creation in your business.

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