Your Words Reveal You, Change Your Words To Change Your Life

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Your words will determine how others will treat you.

Your words which come from your thoughts determine how you treat yourself.

Now just imagine going to a job interview and telling the interviewer that you’re overwhelmed, you’re not sure if you can do this job AND you’re not sure how often you can come to work.

Do you think they will hire you? Probably not!

What if we flipped the switch around where you own a coffee shop and the person that you were interviewing said exactly the same thing. Would you hire them? Probably not!

How about you going on a date with a beautiful women and the first thing you said to her was that you have sinus problems, you’re lazy and you get sick often… do you think she’ll be attracted to that?

Honestly I don’t think anyone would be attracted to that.

Who would be attracted to a person that whinges, complains or most importantly expresses doubt.

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Doubtful Thoughts

The moment someone expresses any doubt, the primal instinct of surrounding humans will trigger and they’ll run away – as soon as they hear any negative/doubtful words.

Think about it, as soon as there’s danger, what do we do? We run right?

If someone is breaking into your house or chasing after you, what do you do? You scream and call for help right?

It’s primal – it’s part of our genetic code.

So when you see someone expressing doubt, complaining, whining and make excuses.

Our genetic makeup makes us run away.

It doesn’t make us bad people it’s just the way we work – we don’t want to be around people who are negative, complain or have doubt.

So you wonder why people aren’t attracted to us.

Why Leaders Won’t Work With You

If you’re wondering why leaders in our industry won’t help you, why your upline won’t help you or quite possibly ignore you. This is the reason why.

It’s your words that you use which reveal you! Your words tell them whether they should invest their time and money with you.

Your words tell people whether they should hang around you if you are going somewhere.

People follow people that are going somewhere – make sure you remember that.

We look for people who don’t have any doubt and don’t express it.

Everyone has doubts, pain and sorrows – but you don’t need to express it to the market place.

If you’re a person that likes to express doubt, pain and sorrows – do it with your closest friends or family – not to the market place.

Would You…

Would you hire a doctor if they had any doubts on the operation that you were about to go into?

We come into this industry where we can make more coin than doctors, dentist and lawyers with the ability to live life on our terms.

But as soon as we walk in that door, we open our lips and everything that comes out of those lips is doubt, unsureness or concerns.

If that is you then you need to check yourself and examine yourself.

If you want your business to grow then you need to change the words that you use – be the leader that everyone wants to follow and join.

And watch your business change and grow.

Ask yourself this question – and I know this might sting a bit, but would you want to do business with you?

If the answer is NO then what makes you think anyone would want to as well?

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